A Dog's Story

I woke up one morning with my littermates. I saw Mom lying there, so I went over to get some breakfast. Mom was warm and she licked me all over. She loved us so much…….. Things were good back then. Then I went to live in a home with two kids and their mom and dad. I used to be able to come in the house and play. They even let me sleep in the house. The children would run and I would chase them around. When I was little, they would let me jump on them and even playfully bite them. The family would laugh and encourage me to play like that. They gave me lots of toys such as socks, shoes, and stuffed animals. I had so much fun….. Those were the days. As I got bigger, I would accidenta

Make A Commitment

In this ever changing world of hi-tech evolution, I’m afraid we’ve walked away from our values and our culture has become a throw away society. It has become too easy for us to neglect long term goals, stay loyal to our employers, walk away from our families, our marriages, our children, and yes, our PETS! Animals are not disposable! They are lifetime commitments and before you see that cute little puppy in the window and whip out your credit card, think about all the positives and negatives that come with the responsibility of pet ownership. Not just today, but 7-15 years from now! Yes, 7-15 years from now, because that is the type of commitment you need to try to make to the best of your a

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