Chaos earns his first leg towards his CDX, Chaos way, at the Princeton Show.

Chaos passes his first time out towards his CDX, giving the audience a jolly, showing his agility aptitude by taking the high jump on the figure 8 …..twice…..and pouncing on that dumbell in drive for the retrieves. Two more to go if he can hold it together….A pleasure to train, makes me laugh, and shakes my head at the same time!EndFragment

Playing with Prey Drive

The value of prey! Dogs with well developed prey can be a pleasure to train; they have motivation, attitude, energy, drive, endurance, and the ability to combat stress at higher levels. They excel in dog sports such as agility, flyball, obedience, schutzhund, SAR, and tracking. All dogs are born with a certain level of prey drive. The challenge we face as owners and trainers is to develop and cultivate that drive through usable vices such as games, tug, keep away, interaction, encouragement, obsessiveness, building blocks of prey behaviors and fetch. The purpose of the blog is not to get into the mechanics of prey drive but to help you awaken and understand that tu and fetch games can ser

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