For Our K9’s – Rules should not be the exception

After 15 plus years training, showing, competing with dogs and working with rescue animals, I have a huge awareness that it is very difficult to find dog owners, prospective adopters, and people who understand the important of general discipline, rules, and acceptable behavior when it comes to our canines. I feel because of this, more and more dogs are failing in their homes, are being placed in the rescue system, and are unable to enjoy the perks of being a family member and dog because of the band aids put on them by their owners. We live in a structured society with rules and discipline, why not our canines? There are laws and codes that we must abide by, or accept the consequence, why n

Agility Update with the Boys

leave this for stats Inline jetpack_facebook_likebox Jetpack Open Graph Tags StartFragmentIn December, we ran Calais and Chaos in Middletown NY at an NADAC Agility trial. It was a great day for runs. Calais took 2nd in Tunnelers, while is brother, Chaos made his debut and took 1st place in Tunnelers. Calais followed up with a first place in the standard course and a second place in Touch and Go. Very proud of my guys.EndFragment

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