Quen Earns Rally Excellent Title 2017

Finally had time to finish up Quen's Rally Excellent title and very proud of our boy. Earned a 88 in one show (oops my fault for handling error), a 98, 99, and 99 for good measure as I was just not happy with having that 88 out there. LOL especially since my fault.. Topped the last show off with a 100 in Advanced B.

Puppy-Wuppy is Hiring

We are more than just a team of Dog Trainers, We are a Family. Come Join Our Expanding Family. open positions dog trainer Are you an experienced dog trainer who needs a location to train your clients? We offer indoor and outdoor facilities which provides a safe environment for clients to train their dogs. We are looking for an experienced dog trainer who understands the methodology of training in both positive and negative stimuli. Trainer should be well versed in: Rally AKC obedience Puppy shaping Clicker training Basic problem solving skills for canines We encourage trainers with knowledge in barn hunt, nose work, and fly-ball to contact us in expanding our current training curriculum We

Puppy-Wuppy Students pass CGC with flying colors!

Last night students got together and took the AKC CGC test, with Lori as the evaluator. For some, it will be their first leg in obtaining a Therapy Certification. The test includes well mannered walking on a leash, sit/stay, down, recall, greeting a friendly with a stranger, allowing an examination, distractions, and remaining calm when the handler leaves the room. Here are the happy teams with their medals! Berte with Daffodil Valentina with Stella (she handles and trains Stella) Kelly with Pippi Sarah with Raven Katilyn with Axel Diane with Boomer Judy with pending assistance dog Daisy Great job everyone! Interested in having your dog be a canine good citizen? Puppy-Wuppy will have anothe

Spring Updates at Puppy-Wuppy 2017

Hi All, Just a couple of things to remember. Spring time is here and most dogs have been kept inside for most of the winter and now that the weather is nice, everyone is out walking their dogs. Remember, dogs have not seen much of other dogs over the winter so you will have some reactivity on occasion when overloaded with seeing lots of dogs on your first walk in the park. Please keep your dog in control, work your obedience, be aware of situational awareness, and enjoy the weather with your Canine. Also, injuries are common this time of year. All of a sudden dogs are running, sprinting, turning, and torn muscles, ACL's, tendons and sprains occur. Before you let your dog out for its

Daytime Agility Classes with Margaret MacEwen

Daytime agility classes are now forming at Puppy-Wuppy, LLC in Andover with Margaret MacEwen Tuesdays starting May 2, running for 6 consecutive weeks. Small class size allows for lots of working time. Outdoors on grass, full-sized ring, completely fenced. 10AM - Level 1 Introduction to obstacles and handling. Dogs will be introduced the various obstacles, new handlers will learn basic handling techniques. The focus will be on building confidence and teamwork. As always, class will be taught to the level of the teams enrolled. 11AM - Level 2 Will work on more independent performance of obstacles, improving handling with acceleration, deceleration, cueing and timing. As always, class be

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