Christina Turner 

IWe are pleased to welcome Christina Turner to our facility teaching Agility.


Christina comes to us with a vast knowledge and experience in Agility Skills and Drills, aside from Rally and Obedience..

Christina started her agility career at the age of ten and has been competing ever since. She has been lucky to work with a large number of dogs over the years ranging in breed and sizes and has had a few mentors along the way. Christina believes in building a solid relationship with your dog and learning how to communicate together effectively. She starts all new agility teams with body awareness tricks and behaviors as well as coordination training. Christina enjoys working with students and breaking down each individual skill with them while teaching the dog how to independently perform each skill. Her favorite part about agility is really understanding how dogs move on a course and helping students learn to read their dogs lines and handle effectively. Together with her dogs Christina has attended AKC and USDAA Nationals, European Open Team Tryouts, and USDAA Titlemania where her and her Golden Retriever Rhyze were named the 24 inch versatility Champion. They’ve earned 4 agility championship titles and over 30 other agility titles over the years.