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Pam Kress
Basic Obedience Trainer

Pam is our newest member to the Puppy-Wuppy team. 


Pam began her venture with Puppy-Wuppy as a client when she started training with us three years ago with her 7 month old German shepherd, Lincoln.  Pam has owned many German shepherds over the last 35 years and her love of the breed and their desire to work led her to us to get a better understanding of their inner workings and build a better bond between her and her dog.


As a full time member of our Puppy-Wuppy Obedience Drill Team and three years of continued training and education with her own dog, resulted in the desire to share her experiences as an instructor here at Puppy-Wuppy.


As a dedicated owner and the aspiration to learn as much as she can with her dog through their training together, she believes in the importance of sharing this knowledge to other dog owners and the commitment as part of that ownership to develop a well behaved and confident dog in today’s society.


Lincoln has titled in CGC and AKC Rally Novice and Pam and Lincoln are working towards more Rally and Obedience titles as well as lure coursing.


In their spare time, they love off-site training, attending various trials and dog sporting events, long walks and hanging at home with their 13 year old shepherd, Riley. 

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