dock diving faqs

Can my dog just use the pool for Swimming?
Yes, of course, it is your time to do as you wish
Can you help teach my dog to find the exit?

This is one of the first steps in teaching during our pool time. We always make sure the dog is comfortable in finding the exit and walking the ramp or stairs before we proceed further in training.

Should I bring a bathing suit?
Yes, plan on getting wet. Whether you want to swim with your dog or just help him when needed - be prepared to jump in and have fun!
Do you provide towels?
No, we do not provide towels. We suggest you bring your own.
Do you provide training aids?
Yes, we provide bumpers, floats, noodles, and other water based training toys for your dog to use. Of course, feel free to bring your dog's favorite float toy.
Do you have life preservers?
Due to the difference in sizes for dogs, we do not have life preservers or flotation devices for dogs on site. Therefore, if it is your dogs first time, we suggest bringing a life vest for your dog to allow him/her to be more buoyant and help reduce over exertion.
How does Try It Splash work?
Several times throughout the season, we will offer Try It Splash.  It is booked at 2.5 hour intervals and we accept up to 7 participants.  Each participant will get 10 minutes on the dock or in the pool to do as you wish with your canine.  Once all participants have gone (1) time, you will get a (2nd) round to try it again.  It's a great way to get your dog used to the pool, water, dock, and ramp and then give them a short break in between trying it again. The round robin concept will apply, first come, first in the pool.  We have an instructor in the pool for assistance.
How do you sign up for Pool Time?
When pool time is announced, there will be 1/2 hour slots available for you to choose.  You would send us an email with your first choice and second choice time slot.  Once confirmed you would submit payment to our paypal account ( and EMAIL us if you need directions.
How can I check my pool time after I have signed up?
For Pool Time, you will be added to our calendar. To confirm your time and spot, please visit our page, Pool Schedule.. You should find your name and dogs name under your time.
For Try It, your name and dogs name will be listed.  Order is first one to the pool, first one in the Try it's are done by blocks of time.
How do you make payment for Pool Time?
Payment must be made prior to your arrival and to secure your time slot to  We do not accept mobile based paypal...only traditional paypal.
What do I do in case of bad weather?
In the event of bad weather where we will have to close the pool PRIOR to the day of cancellation, we will provide full refund.  In the event, the weather turns while you are at our facility, there are no refunds due to mother nature. Same policy that applies to water parks.
What is your cancellation policy?
We will offer you a full refund if you notify us of your cancellation 24 hrs prior to your pool time.
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