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Suzanne boland

Puppy Foundations and Basic Obedience Trainer

We are fortunate to have Sue Boland as our primary Puppy Foundations Instructor at Puppy-Wuppy.  Sue, a former client, with extensive knowledge in puppy raising, starting teaching classes for us in 2020. 


Sue believes it is important to establish the bond between human and dog early in puppy hood the process of socialization by focusing and reinforcing desired behaviors.

Beginning her dog collection as a grad student she took her shepherd husky mix along to class and found how consistency and patience can help an anxious puppy become a calm confident dog.   After adding various pets and humans to her family and adhering to the belief in the importance of community service, Sue began volunteering as a guide dog puppy raiser in 2010: a 24/7 365 day commitment to shaping a puppy into a dog that will be confident enough to be responsible for a visually impaired person’s life, as well as performing educational outreach and advocating for service dogs sue. 


Her own dogs have obtained CGC and Therapy Dog certifications bringing joy to people in the hospital and nursing homes and children at the public library.  She founded and operated a dog walking and pet sitting business in 2016 so that pets would get the care they deserved even while their owners were away.


Rarely seen without a dog or two or three by her side whether at the office or hiking the trails, Sue is really enjoying fostering the bond between owner and new pups in Puppy Foundations and Basic Obedience classes. 

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