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6/3/2003- 9/7/2018

Lines: Gleisdreieck, Fegelhoff, Suhrrehm, Barenfang, Busecker Schloss, Uwe Kirschental, Drigon Fuhrmanschoff

Emma Peel Vom Tollhaus joined our family on November 30, 2005 arriving from Germany, at 2 ½ years old. She is a young dog with an excellent pedigree of East and West Working Lines. She was foundation trained in Germany, with protection work assisted by Helmut Raiser.

Her sire is Lump vom Gleisdreieck, SchH3, FH1, a normal.  Lump was sired by Mingo vom Runnelplatz (2x BSP) and Venus vom Gleisdreieck.  Vensus  goes back to the famous East German Dog Lord vom Gleisdreieck, a 3x DDR Champ, and Pippi vom Gleisdreieck, also a DDR Champ.  Other lines on sire’s side include: Blacky vom Gleisdreieck (DDR Champ)( Afra vom Gleisdreieck (DDR Champ), Hondo vom Haus Welsch (DDR Champ, Condor vom Marderpfahl (DDR Champ).

Her dam’s side is Bungee vom Tollhaus, SchH3, who was sired by Darro vom Fegelhoff, a very tough dog, owned by a judge in germany, who showed excellent in protection work and was at the BSP several times.  The dam to Bungee is Donna vom Suhrrehm a bitch who participated in the BSP as well.  Other lines include: Olko Barenfang, Gildo vom Korbelback (BSP), Betzi vom Barenfang, Sagus Busecker Schloss, Umsa Bungalow (BSP) Uwe vom Kirschental (BSP), Ester vom Korbelback, Drigon vom Fuhrmannshof (BSP), Ari vom Neffeltal (BSP) and Friga vom Allerswald (BSP).  Bungee is linebreed:  4, 4-5 Grief Zum Lahntal,  3-4 Sagus vom Busecker Schloss, 4-5, Vroni vom Busecker Schloss, 4-4 Quicke vom Itztal, 5-5 Coro zum Lahntal.

Emma has only 3 SchH2’s in her pedigree, all the rest are SchH3 (4 generations)

She has 10 DDR Champs

She has 12 BSP participants.

emma peel

Von tollhaus




RL1, RL2





Calais is from the C litter of Von Stickel Kennels. 


His sire is Baaron Von Stickel, CD, CDX, UD, RN, BH, CGC, Tdi and comes from a Jim Hill breeding line.  His dam is a German Import Emma Peel Vom TollHaus, CD, CDX, RN, RA, NAP, NJ, SchHIII, AD who comes from Lord and Lump lines.

Cali has competed in AKC obedience, Rally, APDT Rally, and has found his forte in AKC and NADAC Agility. 


Cali is currently showing in Agility where he is working on his third agility title, and  9th training title in general at 4 yrs old.  He resides with “Mom” but trains with Lori Minardi, President, Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training.

NADAC Agility:

NAC Title:    9/12 – 3rd Place , 9/12 3rd Place, 2/9 2nd Place

TN-N Title:  9/12 1st, 12/15 2nd, 1/20 2nd place

TG-N Title: 12/15 1st, 1/20 2nd place, 2nd place


AKC Agility title:  NAP 

       2 first’s and 1 second place.

AKC Companion Dog (CD)
      12/2010- Lehigh Valley Kennel Club (4th Place)
       11/2010- Dauphin Dog Training Club
       10/2010 – Northern NJ German Shepherd Dog Club (2nd place)

AKC Rally Advanced: RA:
   5/2009.  Monmouth Kennel Club Trial 1, taking 2nd place
    6/2009  Taconic Kennel Club, Trial 2, taking 1st place, score 94
    6/2009 3rd leg
AKC Rally Novice: RN:
     Schooleys Mt. Kennel Club 3rd Place, Score 98
     Port Chester Obedience Training Club, 3rd Place, Score 97
     Garden State Speciality All Breed,  Score 94
     Staten Island Companion DTC, 5th Place, Score 97
RL1:      5/2009.  Trial 3, taking 3rd place
                4/2009.  Trial 1, taking 4th place
                4/2009.  Trial 2, taking 1st place

RL2:     5/2010 – Trial 1, 3rd Place
               1/2010 – Trial, 2nd Place
               1/2010- Trial, 4th Place
CGC:  Earned July 2008



Von stickel

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