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Dorian aka Lootzie

April 2005 — was rescued from a kill shelter in Bergen County where he had a Guardian Angel there, Pam, who asked for our assistance in getting him out. He was brought there as an SPCA abuse case and was held there for over 6 months while his current “owners” court case came up for abuse. After he was released from the court (the court found the owners guilty and the owners could not have the dog back), the shelter thought it was in his best interest to put him down, but Pam and I thought differently.

Dorian was a puppy when he came into the shelter and showed all the signs of puppy antics. He needed to be shown proper manners and social skills. We worked with him for several weeks at the shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter wanted him out and we had no choice but to either let the shelter put him down or take him in. So, I took him and worked with him some more at home, where I called him my “monkey boy”. He was such a fun dog to have around. We attended obedience classed twice a week at Animal Action with Beth Bradley, who is a very good friend of mine and excellent trainer. Dorian made remarkable strides and was ready for adoption in 3 weeks.

Lootzie is now living with an awesome family in Northern New Jersey. He is spoiled rotten and is the truest apple of their eye that I have seen in a very long time. The family recently lost their beloved German Shepherd, Max, who was their lifelong companion and it devastated the family. Lootzie seems to bring a new light to this family. Marty and Lootzie go for walks at least every day to the park as part of their daily routine. They play ball in the yard, and tug of war, but Lootzie’s favorite time is when Marty gets to play tug of war and Lootzie holds on while Marty gives him a ride in the yard. Then, it’s off to the house for their afternoon nap and snooze on their “own” couch in the den.

For a dog that practically grew up in the shelter, he is such a happy and forgiving dog especially considering what was done to him in his “previous life”. He now has his own couch, has one-on-one attention all day long, and is probably the best definition of a “mans best friend” relationship that I have seen in a long time.

I would like to thank Pam at the Bergen County Animal Shelter for her help in fighting for saving Dorian, Debi for coming to the shelter with me on the weekends, Beth for giving me her time in training class, Bill for putting up with my rescue endeavors, Mom and Frank for their emotional support as he was a tough one to let go, Anita from Lolli-Pop rescue for her help with the internet and Petfinder, and most of all to Lootzie’s new family for the love they are giving you, as it is so well deserved. Loozie is one lucky dog…..and we are all very lucky that he has touched our lives.



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