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OJ aka Niko

Adopted March 11, 2006

OJ, now known as NIKO, which means Survivor, was adopted by an absolutely fabulous family in Maryland. Elaine and Nico have bonded from the day he went home and he is experiencing new things every day, thanks to his new family. He’s playing tug of war with his adopted brother Spirit and has discovered the squeaky toy! However, I believe his most fascinating discovery so far (and Elaine you probably will agree) is the “big water bucket” that flushes…yes, you guessed it…the toilet bowl. Nico is amazed by that wonderful invention that holds cold water and makes it disappear in a flash.

Elaine, Carol, and the rest of the four legged family took Nico on his first trip to the beach and he loved that experience as well. So, from leaving the city streets and highways to living the country life with squeaky toys, lots of love, a huge property to romp, a pool to swim, and a beach to chase waves, Nico is very happy and Elaine and Carol have fallen in love with him.

We wish all of you much happiness and health. We would also like to thank Beth Bradley from Best Buddy Dog Training for Holding and working with OJ during his stay. Lorry Albanese for her saving OJ from the fate of the highway and for caring for OJ during his recovery. To Marj & Keith Remland for their Donation and to Kim Feehan for her Donation.



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