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In Sept. 2008, I was contacted by a very dear friend of mine who runs a super rescue in mid-New Jersey, Lolli-Pop. She was contacted by the son of man who became ill. Unfortunately, Lolli-Pop was full to capacity and could not accommodate another boarder at the current time so they contacted me, with my contacts in Shepherds.

“Dad” had a massive stroke and would not be returning to his home. He recently lost his wife. The two sons were not keeping the home, and were living in residences that would not allow pets. As such, Ralph needed to find a new home. The son’s could not let Ralph go into a shelter as the Dad was very concerned about his dog and upset he could no longer care for him, so a mass email went out to all we knew asking for the power of the internet to get the word out and with great enthusiasm we received over 50 replies on Ralph.

Ralph is a 2-3 year old Sable German Shepherd of very good temperament, good house manners, and a great drive for the ball with lots of puppy energy. We felt the best fit was a wonderful woman who contacted us from Mass. They just lost their female, and their Male, “Jay” was pining for a playmate. With several emails, telephone calls, and lots of excitement, they made the 4 hour drive down, met Ralph, fell in love, and drove back all in one day. A very long day but an exciting one. Ralph and Jay have become the best of buddies on their large property and the new owners keep frequently in touch with the sons which gives them a sense of peace. Big Congrat’s and lots of puppy kisses to Ralph and his new family. Thank you for taking him into your lives and being his Guardian Angel.



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