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May/June 2019 Class Semester is Available

New Schedule:

(also available under upcoming schedule on our website page)

Spring is right around the corner and training will move to outdoors weather permitting. A great time to shake off the cobwebs and train under different distractions.

Our new schedule out and we are taking reservations for spots. We do try to keep open classes for currently enrolled students, so if you are , please get back to us so we can arrange for your upcoming class,

I do apologize if this schedule is coming out early for those of you who just started classes. Some of our classes finish earlier than others (for example, Sunday classes in this semester as opposed to Saturday classes). With that, we still are working matching you with a competitive and equal partner for the next upcoming semester.

Remember, unless otherwise noted, class type (Basic, Beyond Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Competition, Agility, Rally, or Trick) is open to those enrolled. We know the level you are at in your training and will match you with an equal. However, you must give us your first and second choice on class day and time.

We have a two new instructors with us this semester. Lauren Siegel who will be teaching the trick dog class during the day and Kimberly Hawke who will be teaching our puppy and beginner classes on some evenings and Saturday's.

Kaitlyn still has her Schedule of Monday's and Wednesday's (evenings) and I have classes throughout the week.

We look forward to working with you and your canine this semester, and please be sure to write your reviews from this last semester on Facebook, Yahoo, Yelp, or Google. We always like to hear feedback and find ways to help you with your relationship with your canine.

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