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Elective Classes available at Puppy-Wuppy

Tired of routine obedience, want to change things up, want to train new things or in new locations?

Join one of our Elective classes for the April Semester

Saturday's starting 4/6 - Engagement class -

This class will run for 5 weeks, Class fee is $200. Each week we will concentrate on drills and repetition to achieve better attention, relationship, and listening skills for your dog. We will utilize reward-based training to achieve attention, introduction to the clicker and how clicker training works, what motivates your dog and how to play with your dog to their benefit.

Monday's 5pm - Puppy 101

Open to puppies age 3months to 6months.

Starting 4/8 - 6 weeks $240

Understanding puppy behavior, how they learn, and how to achieve success with shaping behaviors. Teach foundations to Sit, Down, Dogs name, leash pressure, and place. Address puppy problems such as housebreaking, chewing, mouthing, proper socialization, and crating.

Monday's 6pm - Trick Class

Starting 4/9 - 6 weeks $240

Whether you want to build better engagement with your dog, or if you want to achieve AKC's Trick Dog Titles Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced, we will address the tricks required for these tests, how to teach them, how to improve upon them, and how dogs learn visually. Some tricks may include, riding a skateboard, roll over, play dead, bow, open a door etc. - 2 spots available.

Tuesday's 5:30 - Off Site Obedience

There is a pre requisite on this class that you have taken prior obedience classes with us and are at an intermediate level or beyond. Due to the timing of daylight, we will mostly be working at local parks with some shopping centers.

Class fee $240 - 1 spot available.

Wednesday's 5pm Problem Solving For All Ages

Starting 4/10 3 weeks $120

This class will focus on problem behaviors in all age dogs. Topics to be covered,

Crate Training, House Breaking, Biting the Leash, Understanding Leash Pressure and Correction Collars, working off of food-based rewards, Resource Guarding, Counter Surfing etc. This will not address reactivity or aggression.

Wednesday's 7pm Obedience with Games

Starting 4/10 6 weeks $240

This is a great class for intermediate or advanced students to work your obedience skills with fun games incorporated for the handler and the dog. In lieu of cash prizes, dogs will accumulate treats based on their obedience to the command by the handler. Fun, low-key games will be introduced such as distance place, fastest down, fastest recall, longest stay, distances commands. 1 spot open

Aside from these classes, we have our normal course syllabus of Puppy Foundations, Basic Obedience I and II, Beyond Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Competition Obedience, Introduction to Agility, Agilty Skills and Drills, and Rally Skills and Drills.

WE also offer packages for those of you who may be looking for more than just day care for your dog....Why not let them learn some of the skills taught in your classes, or expand on those skills with our professional trainer, Kaitlyn, to get a jump start on your spring training. Please ask us about these Play Stay and Train Packages as well.

WE have about 10 spots still open in the semester for anyone interested in getting your dog back on track with their obedience for the spring...Please emails us us


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