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Emma Peel Vom Tollhaus, CD, CDX, SchHIII,  RA, NAP, NAJ, CGC

Emma was imported from Germany to be specifically bred to Boreas (Barron Von Stickel) in which she produced 10 puppies, two of which we kept, Chaos and Calais, both of which are also listed on this site.

Emma comes from old German lines with Lumb Gleidreieck, son of Lord Com Gleisdreieck.  Her dam was Bungee vom Tollhaus.  

Emma earned two High In Trials at Northern NJ GSD Club  

She competed in Schutzhund for her IPO 3 earning High Obedience

Her AKC obedience scores were consistently in the 190 or above range and she titled in ADPT Level 2 as well.

Emma was our alpha dog, she provided stability to our family and pack, she was trained in personal protection and was as stable as they come.  She was consistent in her scoring and she will be sorely missed in our household.

June 3, 2003 - September 7, 2018

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