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Class Evaluations:

We are offering evaluations to new students who may not know the appropriate class to enroll in, whether their reactive dog can work in a group class or require private lessons, or advice on training goals for upcoming classes.  This is an evaluation of our opinion of your class in our syllabus, not a private lesson.  $50 for the half hour evaluation. 

Dog Evaluations:

If you have a reactive dog, this is a requirement.  To determine if your dog will coexist in a group class or require private lessons we offer a Dog Evaluation. This is 15 minutes eval at $30

Puppy101 - Introducing a New class

We often get calls regarding various questions on puppy issues so we created a Puppy 101 Class to address all things Puppy. From teaching Engagement, to teaching them their Name. Addressing housebreaking problems, mouthing, biting, nipping, barking, crate training. Shaping behaviors needed later in your training classes such as sit, down, place.  This class is recommended for young dogs from 12 weeks - 5 months.

This is a must have course for anyone with a new puppy or for someone who has not raised a puppy in quite some years.


Puppy's, while cute, can be difficult at times and our patience and frustration levels escalate...Share your issues.


Puppy Foundations I and II

This class is a continuation of Puppy 101. The pup is a little older now and has a longer attention span for learning.  Class is shaped around neutral socialization, environmental confidence, addressing sit, down, come position, place, stay in their obedience exercises.  This is an interactive class with you and your dog.  We do ask you are  committed to the full 6 week of classes to create solid foundation in your obedience to progress to Basic.  This class is recommended for dogs from 4 -8 months

Level 1 -Basic Obedience

Level 1 - Basic Obedience is Typically for dogs 9 months or older, but that is an estimation.

It is based on your dogs prior level of foundation training.  This class is designed to teach you and your pup clear communication.  It will demonstrate and educate you on foundation training, teaching sit, down, stay, with minimal help.  It will help you teach your dog to work through beginner distractions while obeying commands.

Fundamentally it will teach your dog the proper heel position, when to use heel as a training tool or controlled exercise in your walks.  This class also addresses the difference between heeling and walking easy on a leash with NO pulling.

There could be several levels of obedience based on the progress you are making with your dog.  You will not move to the next level until you have completed the requirements of Level 1 

Level 2 - Beyond Basic

This class requires the dog to understand the heel position. Learn when and how to adjust to challenges so you can move forward in your training. In this level you will work on refining the stay (in both sit and down positions) for longer periods of time. Continuing to work on a reliable recall and moving down so we can begin to teach the emergency down in level 3. More advanced attention will be emphasized along with sitting politely for greeting others. Level 2 focuses on

  • longer stays (sit and down) with and without distractions

  • further distance recalls with and without distractions

  • refined heeling (your dog will return to heel from any point of reference)

  • heeling with distractions

  • honing the come command

Any specific concerns or problems are addressed at the end of every class.  This class are for dogs that have understanding of the heel position and are walking in heel.

All classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. Class sessions are 1 hour.

Level 3 - INtermediate Obedience

This is the reliability class where we help you to build more reliable behaviors with the dog responding to a single command.  In this class, we combine what you learned in levels 1 and level 2 and compound the distractions.  Additional footwork is introduced to help the dog understand the “heel position” better and to come to heel whenever asked of the dog.  We begin to introduce the dog to off leash heeling based on the dogs level of progression. Are you up for the challenge?  We encourage you to give it a try. Level 3 focuses on


  • focused attention

  • recalls with distraction

  • off leash heeling

  • stays with heavy distractions & intro to out-of-sight

  • intro to emergency recalls


Last class, schedule permitting, held at a Shopping Center, Home Depot Parking Lot, or other "real world" location to proof training experiences. Any specific concerns or problems are addressed at the end of every class.

All classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. Class sessions are 1 hour.

Level 4 -advanced Obedience

This is a very diverse course that incorporates refining all the obedience skills you learned in Levels 1 through 3.  Have fun with your dog, knowing he is well trained in many obedience commands, and tweak those command by including pivots, circles, recalls with down, call to come, call to heel, spin left, back up one, two, and three steps, stand for the groomer/vet, hand signals and out of sight stays are all worked in the is program.  It tests your level of training both on and off leash, with great attention to off leash work. At this level, your dog could easily pass the Canine Good Citizen Testing as all exercises for this Award have been  covered. Level 4 focuses on

  • pivots

  • spins

  • circles

  • standing for the groomer/vet

  • back-ups

  • polishing the emergency recall

  • polishing out of sight stays

  • moving sits, downs, & stands

Any specific concerns or problems are addressed at the end of every class.

All classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. Class sessions are 1 hour.

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