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Our Training School Philosophy is based on small group classes, with individualized attention to our clients and their canines.



While we understand that circumstances may come up, we may have turned away other clients to reserve your place in our classes.  Therefore, once a semester has begun, there are no refunds for missed classes, lack of attendance, or cancellations.

When registering for a class, we require 7 days advance notice prior to the start of the semester for cancellation for refund.

Make Ups:

In addition, there are no make ups' for your choice of a missed class.  Our instructors have set their time aside for you and have been compensated.  It is your responsibility to attend your class sessions. 


All Payments are due prior to the start of any semester or private for new students.  For our currently enrolled, long time students who have a working rapport with us and your instructors, payment is due the night of the semester.  Simply put, payment is due before services are rendered.  Cash, Check,  or Venmo

Severe Weather:

In the event of inclement weather where we are forced to close, due to the safety of our students, make up classes will be offered.  We will provide you with (3) make up options.  At that time, if you have not made up your class or made arrangements with your instructor, we will deem the class make up as completed.


We are following all State, Local, and CDC requirements pertaining to Covid.  We have disposable masks available at the entrance, along with a  temperature monitor, and disinfectant.  We also provide disinfectant at various stations throughout the facility.  Our hallway, doorway, and door is a common area so please use due diligence.

The floor is vacuumed nightly and disinfected weekly.  The room is disinfected on all touched surfaces after each class.  Our instructors, and some of our clients, at times may or may not be wearing a mask due to the nature of their health issues.  We train pets for people but we also have a high number of service type related dogs in training; whereas, the owners may have a medical condition that will hinder their mask.

At all times we maintain 6 feet between dogs.  We also maintain 8 feet between humans as the dogs are not permitted to interact.

Dog Socialization

We are a dog training facility and our goal is to have your dog offer you engagement in their training.  As such, we find it important that our clients work their dogs' attention rather than their socialization.  Having the dog maintain neutrality within our classes in a great form of socialization.


Family and Children are welcome to attend classes. We encourage it as we want the whole family to participate and be on board in their training programs.  Children under 12 are not allowed to work the dogs in class due to insurance regulations

Release of Liability:

All dogs that come to train are training to learn, work on problem behaviors, or excel in their currently trained skills.  

We are not responsible for your dogs behavior and or aggression.  For any aggression issues with your dog, it is your responsibility to advise your instructor and he/she will address the situation appropriately.

Right of Refusal

At any time, if we feel you or your dog is disruptive in class, shows behavioral issues that can cause harm to others, or if you refuse to follow the instructors direction where it nay cause conflict with other students, we will ask you to leave with no refunds.  Based on our insurance rules, this our policy.

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