Play - Stay - Train

Offering Once a Week (Wednesdays) - Our combined Play - Stay - Train.  It consists of half day canine bootcamp, Doggie Daycare, Social Interaction, and Quiet Time.  Drop off your dog in the morning, and our trainer will work with your dog for about 45 minutes  practicing your training issues.  Then on to quiet time, followed by play time with the trainer, and social interaction.  Just in time to be picked up by the owner for lunch and home time. 


Drop off time is at 8am and pick up time is 12pm.  We have a maximum 5 dog limit per day.



Your dog must be social around other dogs

It could be slightly reactive but should not be aggressive

Your dog must be able to crate .  This is mandatory.  If your dog will not crate, we will have to ask you to pick up your dog.

All vaccinations up to date

No bite history