Play - Stay - Train

Offering Your Choice:  Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Our combined Play - Stay - Train. 


Drop your dog off in the morning, and our Head Trainer, Kaitlyn Wood, or owner Lori Minardi, will work with your dog in a session on it's foundation obedience or training concern.  Then on to quiet time, followed by play time with the trainer.  Just in time to be picked up by the owner and home time. 


If your dog is signed up for the half day session, there is one training session.

If your dog is signed up for the full day session, there is two training sessions.


This is created to be an alternative to Doggie Daycare and a Dog Walker.  To maintain consistency with training and troubleshoot any issues while you are at work. 


This is not doggie daycare and there is no playtime with other dogs.  This does not replace your group training classes with you and your dog.  The group classes offered by Puppy-Wuppy Dog training are extremely effective and are essential to your relationship and training for your dog.  The Play---Stay---Train will not short cut the amount of work you will need to put into your dog.  It is a safer alternative to doggie day care or dog parks.  It gives your dog mental stimulation and keeps up the training while you are at work or busy throughout the day. 


1/2 Day Play--Stay--Train 

Drop off at 8am to 12pm


Drop off at 12pm to 4pm

$75 Session

Full Day Play--Stay--Train

Drop off at 8am - Preferred Pick up 4pm.

$90 Session

Minimum Booking:  4 Sessions

Maximum Pick up Time is 6pm.  Any later, additional fee's of $20 per hour will be imposed.



Your dog must be social around other dogs

It could be slightly reactive but should not be aggressive

Your dog must be able to crate   This is mandatory.  If your dog will not crate, we will have to ask you to pick up your dog.

All vaccinations up to date 0 Bordetella Required

No bite history


Check, Cash, Venmo, or Credit Card paid when reservations are made.  No Exceptions.