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competition prep

This class prepares you for obedience competition and is tailored to the students enrolled in the class and their venue (Novice Obedience, Open, Utility or Rally).  This class teaches you all the skills you will need to compete in obedience or rally trials.  Rules are covered, as well as strategy on footwork and handling are strongly discussed.  Emphasis will be placed on where points are lost and how to better handle your dog in the ring.

Any specific concerns or problems are addressed at the end of every class.

All classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. Class sessions are 1 hour.

outward hound

Probably our most popular specialty class. 


Training is off site in real life situations where we work on your handling skills while encountering other dogs, both friendly and not.  We learn how to better set up our dog for positive learning when meeting strangers.  The most successful way to handle your dog when passing other dogs on the street.  Bicycle chasing, car chasing, environmental issues such as noises, cars backfiring, parades etc.  We strive to get your dog out in multiple locations such as home depot, lowes, shoprite, public park, lakes, shopping centers, craft fairs etc…so that you can train in day to day handling.  This is a great class to get your dog out, exercised, and give you the ability understand better handling so dog and you feel comfortable on those crazy walks.

trick Dog Class

Does Your Dog Like to Work For Treats?

Does he/she offer behaviors for you?

Do you think he/she is smart?

Check out our Trick Dog Training Class

According to the AKC, Trick Dog Training has been around since the 1920's.  It is one of the most desired areas of dog training. 

If your dog has it's Canine Good Citien Certificate (which we test for) then you only have to perform 5 out ofd the 10 tricks. As you progress, you may go up in levels.

Trick Training builds confidence, it allows dogs of all ages to participate, and most importantly it's fun for you and your dog.

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