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meet the trainers

Lori Minardi, Owner

Lori's expertise spans over 28 years, during which we have trained dogs of all obedience levels. Whether it's teaching puppies good manners, basic and advanced obedience, off-leash skills, competition, agility, sport, trick training, or addressing behavioral issues, we cover it all.

Kaitlyn Wood, Head Trainer

Kaitlyn is extremely passionate about helping dogs and owners build a relationship and a bond through training. She has extensive experience with all breeds of dogs and training issues and believes that there is no one way to train a dog.

Pam Kress, Basic Ob

As a dedicated owner and the aspiration to learn as much as she can with her dog through their training together, she believes in the importance of sharing this knowledge to other dog owners and the commitment as part of that ownership to develop a well behaved and confident dog in today’s society.

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About Puppy-Wuppy

Everyone wishes to have a well-behaved dog that they can comfortably take out in public without having to worry about their behavior or embarrassing antics. We tend to put too much human emotions into thinking why dogs behave badly. Believe it or not, dogs don’t intentionally misbehave. They are just being dogs. It’s our job to show them the right way and provide alpha guidance to move them into acceptable behaviors.

The number one reason we are contacted is due to behavioral problems. This is also the primary reason dogs are re-homed. It’s the number one reason why people are afraid to take their dog out in public. However, if you don’t take them out, you can’t fix the problem and the problem escalates. It becomes a

catch 22. If you are ill equipped in handing a behavioral or training problem, find a reputable trainer in your area.

Be aware that there is no license or school to be a dog trainer. There is no certificate or graduation, so I implore you to choose your trainer wisely. Look at their clients, look at the success they have achieved, and look at their credentials (not just training their own dog or the neighbors' dog). Ask for references, and be

open minded about training. There is no 1 way to train a dog -- any trainer who does that is short sighted and not doing you or your dog justice.

Most highly recognized trainers have shown their dog in competition, that doesn’t mean you have to, but it does mean that their dog was judged on the training, the handling, and the ability of a trainer by a third party and that is important to remember.


An accomplished trainer recognizes the relationship between a client and their dog and can determine the problems that arise.  They provide the explanation of the problem and present you with the training advice and necessary tools to create harmony within your pack.  


At Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training, we have been training dogs for over 20 years, currently with 55 titles in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Hunt Certification, and Schutzhund Dog Sport. We focus on the dog's ability to learn, as well as focus on training the Owner to Train the dog.  We train YOU. You train the Dog.

Dogs get bored without a job and sometimes become neurotic and obsessive and find a job on their own.  Often times these jobs are not pleasant to the owner and that is when the dog trainer is called in.  A part of responsible dog ownership is fulfilling your dogs needs is to create a balanced dog.  Once you provide pack leadership and guidance for your dog by outlining their job functions, you create harmony and a bond between your dog and your family.  We have worked with many working breeds and we will provide you with the tools needed to create that well behaved pet through practice and leadership.

The number two reason we are contacted is nerve and temperament issues. Fear based issues that are non-founded: environmental issues, socialization issues, noise etc. Some of the most common behaviors that we specialize in are:

Dog aggression
Dog Reactivity
Dog/Human Aggression or Reactivity
Resource Guarding
Barrier Aggression
Not coming when called
Nuisance Barking
Poor obedient Commands
Pulling on the Leash

We offer both group lessons and private lessons. Our group lessons are taught on a “semi private basis” with no more than 3 dogs in a beginner class. Advanced training classes offer more or less dogs, depending on the class, and the need to train through distractions.

- Lori Minardi, Director of Training, Puppy-Wuppy LLC 


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