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Workshops, Seminars, and Fun Things Going On


Intro to Agility Workshop

Friday October 13th 7pm


2 hour workshop - Filled

you can email us to be put on the waiting list





Friday July 7th - E Collar Seminar

7 pm

$75 to attend, $25 for spouse/ family member

This seminar is WITHOUT your dog, there will be demo dogs

We will address types of collars, how they work, manufacturers, and cost. 

Proper conditioning and introduction to E Collar work

Understanding E Collar is not aversion, it can be trained for positive and negative reinforcement.

E collar Education on Various way to Train your dog.

We will have demo dogs to demonstrate the proper use.


We think this is a must seminar for anyone considering E Collar training for Obedience, Negative Behaviors, Hunt Work, Recalls.


To reserve email us @

Please include how many will be attending in email.



Saturday June 10th - CGC Testing



Sunday June 11th  - CGC Advanced Testing



Sunday June 11th - CGC Urban Testing



For all CGC testing, please email us to register:



We've added another E Collar Seminar/Demo  4/21

$75 First family member / $25 second famiy member

E Collar Seminar and Demonstration  2/17/2023

We will address types of collars, how they work, manufacturer, cost.  Proper conditioning on the use of e collar.  Understanding that E collar is not aversion and can be trained for positive and negative reinforcement.  $75 first individual / $25 second family member:  email us at to reserve.


Intro to Agility Workshop 2/11/2023

Intro to Agility Workshop 2/18/2023 

What is PLAY- STAY- TRAIN ? - 

It is NOT Doggy Daycare

It is structured crate training/ settling in a crate

Neutrality to other dogs

Structured one on one play time and training time with our head trainer

1 training session for half day and 2 training sessions for full day

Maintains consistency with training and schedule

Mental and physical stimulation

PROPER socialization and engagement

Play Stay Train- Offering Discounted Packages for August!


Payment is due at the time of reservation. 

Email to reserve spot or reply to this email.


Also offering earlier drop off time (7-8 am) can be discussed upon individual request!

Please Note: Typical enrollment is based off of an entire month reservation to truly maintain consistency with your dog and their training.



Monday December 20th 7pm
E Collar Seminar

Learn about different e collars, proper usage, and suitability.  Understand how you can utilize this tool for positive and negative reinforcement.  Demo will be provided.

Human only seminar $65.00



Saturday Dec. 4th / Monday December 13th

Two dates

Intro to Agility workshop 

Introduction to handler and dog in world of agility for fun or competition.  Gain confidence, learn to work obstacles, teach problem solving, get a feel for agility.

8 Dogs maximum each day.  $65.00 7pm 2 hours



Holiday Pet Hazards and Etiquette

Guest Speaker Dr. Monique Obsharski Seminar will discuss training during holidays, Problem pet behaviors with company, holiday foods for pets, m common medical concerns for pets during the holidays.  Seminar fee $65.00

2nd Annual Halloween Contest for our currently enrolled students.

Best Doggo Halloween Costume...2021

Judging by the Trainers

$100 Gift Certificate - Grand Prize

Oct 1 - Oct 31 2021



Puppy-Wuppy's Doggo Talent Contest...

anyone can enter

Show off your dogs talent.

1-4th place prices

Awarded by  3 judges panel

Spectators welcome

Saturday July 10, 2021

6:30 Check in

$20 entry fee

$10 attendance

Email: for registration form

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