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Blitz Underdog Von Stickel,

Blitz comes from an underdog history.  He was sold by an Amish Breeder who has past history of Animal Cruelty Charges to a Middle Eastern Couple who had no idea the temperment of a Belgian Malinois Pupppy. 

They signed up for services and classes with us but clearly they were not doing the puppy justice and only became more and more frustrated with the Pup which caused more negative behaviors.

They asked me to take the pup which I was willing to do.  My intention was to redirect and retrain some prior poor foundation and rehome him.  He came to us at Christmas so in combination with Blitzen the Reindeer and his ability for speed we named him Blitz.

We rebuilt his food drive, we taught him and developed his work ethic.  We spent months teaching him engagement and attention and he grew on the whole Puppy-Wuppy Family.  He also fit right in so we decided he was a foster failure.  While Blitz is still learning his attributes and while we are giving him all the tools to find the direction he wants to go in, he has just earned his first two titles at 10 months old.

Canine Good Citizen

Trick Dog Novice

Currently working on Fundamentals of:

Dock Diving

Barn Hunt



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first time swim.jpg
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