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999 Willow Grove Street
Hackettstown NJ
Indoor 6,000 sq. foot heated/air conditioned and fully matted facility for you and your dogs training goals

Building Better Relationships


Welcome to Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training

Puppy-wuppy works with you to give you the kind of dog you can take out in public. The kind of dog you do not need to worry about walking with down the street. A dog that does not need to be hidden away when you have guests over. We believe there is no one way to train a dog or a one size fits all training method.

There is no such thing as a bad dog. Dogs do not intentionally misbehave and act out. They need direction and guidance navigating through our world and a proper outlet for their energy. They need a strong and confident handler to show them what is acceptable behavior. Plus, a tired dog is a happy dog and for many dogs, physical exercise is not enough. Through proper training we exercise their mind and you, through dedication, get a well-behaved social family member.

Each class is tailored to the individual and focuses on what you as the owner and handler want to achieve. We will work with you on behavioral issues as well as obedience. Want a fun way to bond with your dog? We have classes for that too. Need a one on one private lesson? We can accommodate your needs.

Our difference is the care we put into each and every one of our clients. Your dogs are our dogs. Sessions small with an average of 4 dogs to a class giving you and your dog one on one attention.

We are selective in the clients we take on at Puppy-Wuppy. We strive for clients that understand dog training is a commitment for the life of the dog.  Dog Training requires you to do homework, train off site with the tools we provide you, and understand that your 6 week class demands your near perfect attendance.  Dog Training is not selective in it's commands but rather theorizes the understanding that all commands are important to be followed through to execution.

Please contact us today for an evaluation

01/ Dog Training Tips

Information to help you better understand your canine companion

04/ Events/Seminars

02/ Training Classes

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Obedience from Puppy To Competition, Agility, Therapy, CGC, and Trick Dog Classes are offered as well as privates for  behavioral - we offer something for everyone

05/ Space Rentals


03/ Outward Hound

Enjoy the fresh air with your 4-legged friend while you work on your obedience

06/ Private Lessons

Workshops, discussions, and test preperation

Our 6000 Sq ft facility which is heated, a/c and fully matted is available to long term renters as well as clubs for seminar, classes, and match shows

Need specialized one on one attention? We will work with you on any issue

Training Dogs for Over 25 Years

Come to our 6,000 square foot indoor facility.  Fully matted with A/c and Heat for your comfort

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