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ADOPTED 9/2005: Snowy, Bison Frise

Snowy was dropped off at my groomer, who own’s a kennel for kenneling. Unfortunately, the owners never came back to get her. Numerous attempts were made to contact the owners, and many months have passed but the owners cannot be contacted and have not replied. The owner of the kennel, Chris, has no choice but to find Snowy a new home. – We sent out an email and within hours we received several responses, but it was the heart of one gal and her family who captured Snowy’s affection.

Snowy is extremely friendly and has an excellent temperament. She is very alert to her surroundings, affectionate, easy going, and is very much a lap dog. She is settling in well with her new family in Northern New Jersey and has become the “grandchild” of the family’s extended family as well. Snowy is finally the lap dog that she was meant to be, getting all of the attention she deserves.

Thank you Chris from K.C. Kennels in Montville NJ for not giving up on Snowy and keeping her safe during her stay with you, and Connie Stickel for Networking on this little girl. Best wishes to Snowy and her new family.



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