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New Class...Trick Dog Class

We have added a new class to our list of classes,

Trick Dog Class.

According to the AKC, Trick Dog Training has been around since the 1920’s. It is one of the most desired areas of dog training as it:

Builds Confidence with the Dog and Handler

Dogs at All Ages and Breeds can Participate

AKC offers Titles in this Venue at 5 different levels

Most importantly, it’s fun

If your dog has it’s Canine Good Citizen Certificate (which we test for twice a year), then you only have to perform 5 of of 10 tricks. If not, you would master 10 tricks on this list:Balance Beam, Bark On Cue, Crawl, Fetch It, Get your “toy”, Hand Signal Sit/Down, High Five, Hold, Jump, Kennel Up, Shake Hands, Spin Circle, Touch it, Paws up (2 front paws), Push ups.

Our Introduction TDC (Trick Dog Class) will choose a minimum of 5 items to teach your dog and work with you through the semester to achieve that goal. If there is time, we will add tricks based on the class participants request. So, come have some fun, teach your dog some new things, and show off your dog in his brilliance. canine,

Class fee is $185 for 6 weeks. Class size limited to 4 dogs.

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