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Video Chat - Private Lessons - New to Puppy-Wuppy

With the recent events unfolding, Puppy Wuppy is now offering ONLINE VIDEO CHAT CLASSES!!!!


uppy-Wuppy is still able to assist our committed clients to train their dogs through this crazy time and give you the best one on one attention that we can to keep up with your training goals with your dogs.

With most of us being home at this time, we are spending even more time with our families and our dogs. This doesn’t mean training stops with our dogs if anything it is more of a reason to keep up with training your K9 family members!!!

We are offering an introductory Video Chat of$45 per (40 minute) private class online, payments must be made through a mailed check or PayPal, during this “Stay at home “ order. We are also offering a group of lessons of 6 at a reduced discount of $40 per lesson (total $240).

You will have to download Facebook Messenger and friend Lori Minardi on facebook. We will video call you at your appointed time to begin your lesson. Kaitlyn Wood will be the instructor for these lessons and the call will come from Lori Minardi’s Facebook page and contact list.

1) Contact Puppy Wuppy ( and request a video chat with your instructor and a class to reserve your time every week.

2) We are offering Video chat’s Sunday mornings, Wednesday mornings, and Thursday’s all day

3) Make payment to Puppy-Wuppy via paypal email; or mail your check to Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training, 999 Willow Grove Street, Unit 12, Hackettstown, NJ

4) Set up your phone or computer in a place where you are able to be seen by the instructor with your dog and be instructed to do obedience exercises from home, whether you want to be inside or outside your home

5) Your instructor will be giving instruction over the video chat just like we would if we were in person at our facility . Kaitlyn will advise you on new exercises, critique, proper corrections or rewards, training issues, and review of homework for next session.

6) The instructor will start the lesson at your designated time through Lori Minardi Facebook Messenger

Any other questions email us at Puppy Wuppy, we are committed to continue training with our dogs everyone please stay healthy and as always continue training your dogs anyway you can!


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