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Ten Commandments for the Dog Owner

You shall love your dog as he loves you – Unconditionally and Forever

  1. You shall commit yourself and your resources to providing for this beloved pet for the remainder of it’s life.

  2. You shall make the time to exercise his body, mind, and spirit. Most dogs love to work, all dogs love to play and socialize with you.

  3. You shall realize that bringing him into your home is a commitment to a living creature.

  4. You shall realize that although all puppies are adorable…they will grow up. When they do, it’s no excuse to dump them because they got too big.

  5. You shall research the particular breed you are interested in and seek counsel of a breeder and/or trainer to make sure this is the right breed for you AND THAT you are the right owner for him.

  6. You shall understand that dogs are not disposable or recyclable…they are loving creatures that deserve more than just being tossed away.

  7. You shall never mistreat your animal, as you yourself do not wish to be mistreated.

  8. You shall consider your pet as part of your immediate family.

  9. You shall take care of your animal for 10-15 years. Any separation will be painful to them. Remember that before you adopt/purchase them. EndFragment

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