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Auggie is a 2 ½ yr. old purebred German Shepherd. We first heard about Auggie from a worker in the shelter that housed him. She thought Auggie deserved a second chance at life since he was truly a beautiful boy, and she contacted Anita at Lolli Pop Rescue who, in turn, notified us. After seeing pictures of this boy and putting him on our web site, we received several inquiries about him.

On the morning of the last day of his life, Anita went to the shelter to rescue him. We went to her house the next day and, although, we were told that he had an “aggression issue”, we decided to bring him home and judge for ourselves if he did, indeed, have an issue. He stayed with my Mom, who agreed to foster him for awhile. We were able to ascertain that his aggression had to do with fear. He was very much afraid of meeting strangers. We worked with him to instill confidence and trust and were quite successful. Mom found that not only was he beautiful, he was very intelligent, housebroken, loveable, playful (he loves his ball) and very, very affectionate. He wanted nothing more than to be petted while cuddling up next to your nice warm body.

Mom has a treadmill and he was very inquisitive as to the purpose of walking and getting nowhere! He decided that the treadmill must be used for him to put his ball on while it bounced on the track and flew off the other end. He then thought this was his game and he would run to the end of the machine to catch his ball. (Keep in mind that he figured this game out all by himself in one day).

Whenever Auggie got into “puppy mischief”, he quickly learned that a simple “no,no” was all it took to bring him back under control.

We had many calls regarding Auggie. One couple, in particular, David and Christine, were very interested in meeting him. In fact, they drove 3 ½ hours from Pennsylvania, in the pouring rain, to come to meet Auggie. They took to Auggie immediately (as he also took to them) and were soon playing catch with his favorite toy, his ball. David and Christine adopted Auggie and drove him to Pennsylvania to meet their Weimarner, Blu, and share their life with him. David reports that yes, Auggie does love his ball and certainly is very affectionate. He also enjoys long walks to the park with David. He says Auggie is settling in very nicely, and David continues to instill trust and confidence in his beautiful shepherd.

Although we miss Auggie very much, we are so glad that he got a wonderful loving home.


Our best wishes to David, Christine, Blu and Auggie.

UPDATE: June 2009

David and Christine continue to give us updates on Auggie. He was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and it was a trying time for poor Auggie as well as David and Christine. However, with their TOTAL dedication to Auggie they have helped him along tremendously and he is doing so much better. It will be a long road for Auggie, something that he will deal with throughout his life-time, but he has been lucky enough twice now, once to be saved by a Guardian Angel, and now to be cared for by Two More. Thank you for taking such good care of such a great dog.

Sad update: March 2010

Auggie was put to rest in Mid March 2010 from the possible effects of a lung/respatory problem. David and Christine have provided Auggie with a wonderful Guardian Angel life, more than anyone could ask for due to his medical conditions. He had a super home, a very loving family, and as David say’s “we’re better for having known him and we’ll miss him”.

Auggie is at the Rainbow Bridge and at peace. My family and I will miss him too as he touched more lives than he knew.


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