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Gracie aka Mississippi Girl

Gracie (aka Mississippi Girl) was pulled (by a rescuer in Mississippi at my request) from a gas shelter in her final hour before she was to be put down. I then collaborated with a rescue group in Mississippi where she was fostered and treated for heartworm. The rescue group provided the fostering of this girl and I supplied the funds – which was Puppy-Wuppy’s contribution to her new start in life. She has completed her heartworm treatment and has recuperated 100%. She is now heartworm free and has been adopted to a family in Georgia.

They have named her Gracie, because she showed such grace and good natured behavior during every vet visit and during her transport to her new family. Gracie put on about 15 pounds since she was adopted and according to her new parents she seems to live life every day and enjoy just being alive. She is very attached to the family and shows such affection to everyone she meets.

Gracie, we are all very happy for you and wish you many more years of health and happiness.



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