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Joey is one of our best rescue boys! He was brought into a known kill shelter at 6 months old. He sat there for 3 months as he did not handle the “shelter” life well and the shelter staff had a very difficult time understanding Joey and the fearful stage he was going through. He was on very limited time and we knew this environment was doing more harm than good for poor Joey so we pulled him out of the shelter and fostered him while we did his evaluation. Once out of the shelter, Joey immediately settled right in to his personality and what a great personality he has. He is a super puppy who bonds immediately with people. He loves belly rubs, long runs, and has a crazy ball drive. He also has a very protective nature and Beth Bradley has offered her services to provide free training for Joey’s adopter, Marlene. Marlene met Joey and we knew it was going to be a wonderful situation for both. With great sadness, Marlene lost her dog, Regalo, a few months prior due to illness and was ready to find her new companion, when Joey’s email and picture came across her desk. Marlene reports that Joey is a pure joy to have around and is absolutely wonderful. I know the bond between these two will be an inseparable one. We look forward to seeing Marlene and Joey soon in obedience class, as he’s one smart puppy and Marlene is one wonderful person.

We would like to thank Marlene for the adoption fee on Joey which will help go to another rescue dog in the future. We would also like to thank Marge & Keith for their contribution as well, as this too will go to another dog in need. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent out an email on Joey. This email went as far as Massachusetts – it was quite a networking job!!!! A special thank you to Debi for her help in fostering Joey and our first experience is sharing a shower stall with a very stinky puppy! Lastly, we would like to thank Beth Bradley for donating her expertise and offering of free puppy classes to Joey and Marlene. Beth has been an experienced trainer/competitor for many years and her credentials speak for themselves.

Joey Update – 12/7/06 "Dear Lori,

I hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving. Joey is doing a lot better after I followed your suggestions and changed him to California Natural, he has adjusted to this pretty well and he is not scratching as much. I wanted to tell you about my experience with Joey during our first Thanksgiving together, as last year I had to leave him with Beth and I went to Virginia Beach for the Holiday. My daughter Elizabeth and family had 2 cocker spaniels (half sisters by the same Dad) one 15 YO and the other 15 and 1/2 . The had planned on coming for Thanksgiving and as the day approached, Elizabeth called me crying saying that Lady Jane (the 15 and 1/2 yo) was not doing so good and she could not leave her behind so that she was going to either cancel the trip or bring the 2 dogs. I told her that Joey never had another dog in the apartment but I have a gate and we could just separate them while they were here. So they came and I brought Joey down to the sidewalk to introduced him to the 2 old ladies and he was a perfect gentleman, he somehow knew that they were in trouble and not only that he shared his cage and belongings but they ate together and I never had to separate them. One of them had very bad arthritis and the back legs will collapsed so that either Elizabeth or I will help her to bring her legs up, after a while Joey will put his long nose under her back legs and helped her to get up. This was the most significant Thanksgiving gift that I have ever received. We had to put them both to sleep and it was very sad, but our veterinarian knows Elizabeth since she was 8 yo and the girls and my son in law Miguel are coping. Joey showed us all what a noble animal he is and I had to share this with you. I will be going away on the 19th of December and Joey will be going to Beth, I have been able to get Doris to take him and she will be picking him up on Friday the 29th when I return from Virginia Beach. I hope you and yours have a great Holiday Season.

Much love,


Joey Update 2007

"Joey continues to do extremely well in his new home. He is alive, loved, and free."




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