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Neil (aka Otis)

Otis was rescued from Georgia in October of 2002, approximately ½ hour before he was scheduled to be put down. He is a white German shepherd, approximately 2 years old with lots of character. He is definitely a candidate for Famous Pet Tricks on Letterman and he is a great dog. He is well adjusted to NJ life and has become the apple of his owner’s eye.

UPDATE: May 2005

Just an update, Otis’s “Dad” comes to visit every now and then, and brought me an current picture of Otis. He’s filled out so nicely and just enjoys life so much. He is very attached to his human family and is such a prankster that he has the family on their toes all the time! Hugs and Kisses to Otis and a great thank you to Tony for having such a special place in your heart for adopting this wonderful companion.

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