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The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in enzymes and potassium, as well as many other trace minerals. Taken internally, ACV is a natural antibiotic germ fighter. It helps control and normalize weight, improves digestion assimilation, relieves arthritis stiffness, removes body toxins and helps to repel fleas. Used topically, ACV helps maintain healthy skin, prevents itching and soothes hot spots and sore muscles.

ACV is proving most beneficial to people or animals with arthritis because it breaks down calcium deposits in the joints while re-mineralizing the bones. It has proven to be equally beneficial to dogs with hip dysplasia.

ACV is a good remedy for food poisoning and helpful in digestive upsets. It is also effective for urinary tract infections and it lowers high blood pressure. In fact, daily use of ACV eliminates tear stains around the eyes and nose of pets with white or light-colored fur. For those on diuretics, it is helpful in replacing potassium depletion.

ACV is the natural king of skin remedies. It is wonderful for itching and scratching pets as well as a superb skin and hair conditioner. Good old apple cider vinegar either straight or diluted 50/50 with water can be applied directly to the affected area and allowed to dry. It will eliminate dandruff, rejuvenate hair, skin and help sweeten and balance the pH levels in the body. When giving your pet a bath, shampoo, rinse, then apply ACV either straight or diluted, followed by rinsing with water. Notice, any residue shampoo will be washed out and you will feel and see an increased softness and sheen to the coat. It can be followed with a conditioner of your choice.

Taken internally will help the body against arthritis, itching, obesity, bad odor, dry skin, joint problems, lack luster hair and weak immune system. Average dosage for a dog or person is 1/2 oz morning and 1/2 oz. evening. A cat is half that dose. Can be diluted fifty fifty with water, dripped on food. Finicky pets try tiny doses then work up to suggested amount.

For centuries, people have recognized ACV’s health benefits to fight infection, promote digestion, and even in fighting osteoporosis. So when you eat that salad with the cider vinegar and oil dressing, you’re reaping large health benefits as well as good taste!



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