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Saying Goodbye…..

Sadly, 2 Months Shy of Boreas’ 14th birthday, we made the decision to let him go. It was his time, as much as I was fighting it. He was tired, had trouble with his body moving the way he wanted it to, and spent many days sleeping on his bed in the kitchen.

A far cry from our days of dog shows, first place awards, numerous weekend trips to Lake George year after year, swimming, fetching, and stealing peoples noodle.

We spent many summer nights getting soft serve at Dairy Queen while during the day, he played in the pool that was build just for him. Other times, he loved chasing Chaos and Calais around the property, keeping them in check.

We traveled to many places together, as he was my vehicle copilot, sitting in the front seat so regal as a Shepherd should. We trained and trialed at many dog shows where he earned his CD title at the young age of 2 yrs old. His CDX at 3 yrs old and his UD title at only 4 yrs old. He accomplished a Schutzhund BH, Two AKC Rally Titles, the Canine Good Citizen award and was a registered Therapy Dog through TDI.

Boreas, who’s official name is Baaron Von Stickel, CD, CDX, UD, RN, RA, BH, CGC, Tdi had many other names as well. He got the nickname, Munckin, because we used to drive through the Dunkin Donuts every week on our way to Dog Training and he would stick his head out to the DU operator and they would give him free unchkins….although I think would have rather had the cookies from McDonalds.

He was also fondly called Bear by the family members Mom and Frank, Mr. Bizer, by his Vet Tech and very good friend of mine, and in his older age I often referred to him at Bub Bub.

He truly was my best friend and I will miss him every day of my life. Boreas’ soul mate, Emma, will miss him as well. She looked for him the day he left us and I think she is as sad at times as I am. I can only hope that there is a better place for him now and that he is happy. He will always be in my heart and thoughts.

I love you Munchin.





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