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January Verona Dog Trial

So Proud of Ann Stock with Winston for taking 1st Place (first Q) in Graduate Novice and for Qualifying in Rally Advanced as well. Her daughter, Rebecca Stock snagged 1st Place in Rally Novice with a 99 with Stella and Qualified in Beginnger Novice. Michele McCorkle with Ringo got their title in Rally Novice this weekend witha 91 and Emily Polk with Casey took 3rd place in Rally Excellent for her second leg. Hard work, great times, awesome dogs, and you guys rocked that Trial. Very happy for all of you.

Ann Stock with Winston – 1st Grad. Novice 191

Ann with Winston – Qualified – Rally Advanced

Rebecca Stock with Stella – 1st in Rally Novice

Rebecca with Stella – Qualified Beginner Novice

Michelle McCorkle with Ringo – Qualified Rally Novice B with 91

Emily Polk with Casey – qualified 3rd place – 87 Rally Excellent



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