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Puppy-Wuppy Educates the Cub Scouts

Den Mother, Cheryl with Baron, asked if we would do a demo for the Cub Scouts on our dogs.

Of course we agreed and has a fun filled night teaching the boys how to approach a dog, pet a dog, ask permission, respect the dogs space, and explain how cool they are. We demonstrated how you can teach dogs silly tricks, how you can ask them to help you in day to day activities, how they use their nose and scent, and how the can assist the military and police with their activities.

We want to thank the boys for the cooperation in our demo and special thanks to:

Breina and Shane for their Gluten Scent Detection Demo

Chaos, for being a great mascot of the breed

Emma for showing what jobs a dog can do

and Ritt for offering how much fun you can have teaching dogs tricks.

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