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More Obedience Awards for Puppy-Wuppy Clients......

It was a great training/trialing weekend for many of us who are working toward obedience and rally titles. A nice congratulations goes out to ...

Joanna with Stryker for 1st Place Novice A Obedience 186

Joanna with Stryker for 2nd Place Advanced Rally A 86

Rich with Bella for 1st place Advanced Rally A 94

Srijana with Bash for 2nd Place Novice A Rally 94 (Title)

Michelle with Exie for 5th place Novice B Rally (Title)

Lori with Quen for 2nd Place Excellent B Rally 96

Lori and Ritt for 2nd Place Novice B Rally 97 - (Title). Super proud of Spirit for working through her fears and showing so well. From an abused rescue dog she has come so far and we are very proud of her.

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