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Spring Updates at Puppy-Wuppy 2017

Hi All, Just a couple of things to remember. Spring time is here and most dogs have been kept inside for most of the winter and now that the weather is nice, everyone is out walking their dogs. Remember, dogs have not seen much of other dogs over the winter so you will have some reactivity on occasion when overloaded with seeing lots of dogs on your first walk in the park. Please keep your dog in control, work your obedience, be aware of situational awareness, and enjoy the weather with your Canine. Also, injuries are common this time of year. All of a sudden dogs are running, sprinting, turning, and torn muscles, ACL's, tendons and sprains occur. Before you let your dog out for its first romp off leash in the big field, make sure your dog is properly stretched and warmed up. Lastly, for those of you training at Puppy-Wuppy, please remember to pick up after your dog, as we have trash can's located at the entrance of the training room and by the agility field. We ask that you do not park next to the house when we are training outside in the agility field. I know it's close to the field, but it also creates some excessive stimulation for our dogs. We have upcoming changes this year to our training classes and have added two new instructors along with Day classes. We are working on setting up the Dock Diving Pool in the upcoming months to be open for June. We will keep you posted on that progress and perhaps ask for a hand in getting our 45 foot pool up. LOL. Thank you all for a wonderful winter, we look forward to the warmer weather and training your dogs. Lori Minardi

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