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Puppy-Wuppy Students pass CGC with flying colors!

Last night students got together and took the AKC CGC test, with Lori as the evaluator. For some, it will be their first leg in obtaining a Therapy Certification.

The test includes well mannered walking on a leash, sit/stay, down, recall, greeting a friendly with a stranger, allowing an examination, distractions, and remaining calm when the handler leaves the room.

Here are the happy teams with their medals!

Berte with Daffodil

Valentina with Stella (she handles and trains Stella)

Kelly with Pippi

Sarah with Raven

Katilyn with Axel

Diane with Boomer

Judy with pending assistance dog Daisy

Great job everyone!

Interested in having your dog be a canine good citizen? Puppy-Wuppy will have another test in the fall. Keep an eye on our events page for the test dates and plus other fun events and seminars!

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