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K9 Splash and Dock Diving is OPEN. July 1st, 2017

Docking Diving / Doggie Pool is NOW OPEN.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our 40 Foot Dock Diving and K9 Splash Pool.

Our pool is regulation 40 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 4 feet deep. We have a 13' ramp for the dogs ease of getting out of the pool along with a ladder for the humans!

Currently our dock is 16' long and is expanding..........

We would like to invite you to our Opening Day on Saturday July 1st. from 1-6pm.

We will offer two K9 Splash times sessons.




Splash time is a round robin to introduce you and your K9 to the pool. We will have discounted rates for Opening day of $20 per sesson per dog. This cost is only for the the dogs who have signed up for Actual Splash Time.

We do ask that you sign up in advance by email to info@puppy-wuppy. com

Of course we will accept day of entry sign ups.

Regardless if your dog has been dock diving before, or if you just wish to get in the pool with your dog, or if you just want to come and check our our pool, we would love to see you on July 1st .

Coming UP.....

Our next splash days will be

Sunday July 9th from 1-3pm

Saturday July 15th from 1-3pm and 4-6pm

You must sign up for these sessions. ($30)

Aside from Splash Days, we offer pool rental time and private instruction. An explaination is below. These services will be available Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday mornings & afternoons. Email us your date and time and we will send a confirmation back.

K9 Splash

Open Water time with you and your K9, shared by others who would like to try dock jumping and swimming in a stress fee environment.

Splash Dates are when we set aside a block of time for Open Swim Time.

If you are not sure if your K9 likes to swim, can swim, or likes this sport venue, this may be a great opportunity to come try out the pool and have some fun with your dog.

We make every effort to teach you and your dog safe swimming and jumping while building confidence for the scary dock. Once they get it, they love it.


K9 Splash dates will typically be held once a month. Fee is $30 per session.



Unsupervised Sessions: This consists of unsupervised sessions (you must have 1 or 2 supervised sessions and pre-approval for this)

Supervised Sessions. Think of supervised sessions like having a life guard on duty. The instructor is there to help you retrieve your toy, monitor the safety of the K9 and owner, and make sure pool rules are followed.

Private Lesson: We will assist you with getting your K9 comfortable with the pool, teaching proper exit with the ramp, building confidence, and teaching your K9 to paddle. Having an extra set of hands in the pool greatly benefits both you and your K9 in handling, safety, and fear of the water.. This lesson does not offer competition instruction nor is it offered at this time.


30 Minute Session:

  • Unsupervised Session: $20 plus $10 for each additional dog

  • Supervised Session: $30 plus $10 for each additional dog

  • Private Lesson (1 dog) $40

​60 Minute Session:

  • Unsupervised Session: $40 plus $10 for each additional dog

  • Supervised Session: $50 plus $10 for each additional dog

  • Private Lesson (1 dog) $65

​Cancellation policy. Less than 24 hrs. notice, cancellation fee of $10 will be applied.

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