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CGC Testing July 24th

We will hold a Mid Year Canine Good Citizen Testing for those of you looking to get your CGC under the AKC.

Canine Good Citizen is a title offered by the AKC and shows your dog has completed and can perform basic obedience commands while showing good manners. It is a prerequisite to most Therapy Dog Testing Programs.

We will offer a practice class on Saturday July 14th at 11:30am. This class will go over the rules, the do and do not, the handling, and practice run through for the Canine Good Citizen Test. This way you can work on your dogs weaknesses in plenty of time before testing date. Class fee is $25

We will hold the CGC testing on Tuesday July 24th at 7pm. Testing fee is $30.00

Please email me to reserve your place for practice and / or testing. We only have 8 available openings.

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