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Spring Reactivity /Fear Based Seminar - June 1st

Springtime Reactivity - Living / Training A reactive /fearful dog. 2-4pm

Saturday June 1st

Due to the lack of exposure in the winter months, this time of year manifests a lot of reactive dogs either from lack of exposure or through lose dog confrontations.

Understand the behavior from the dog, Train the dog to be neutral to the environment. Watch for the triggers that create this behavior. Learn how to fend off a loose dog and protect your dog.

This seminar will also address summer weather, thunderstorms and fireworks. If your dog is fearful of noise, uncomfortable with 4th of July, has trouble with exposure to certain environments, come to this seminar for helpful tips on how to train this better for your dog.

Lastly, understand the mechanics of proper socialization of your dog of Quality verses Quantity.

This is a 2 hour, human only seminar


$90 first household member, $20 second household member.

Payment is due at time of registration. No refunds, send someone in your place.

Your name and contact information required

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Hackettstown, New Jersey


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