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Upcoming Seminars! Don't Miss Out

Puppy-Wuppy is offering two different seminars on Fridays in October.

Location: at our facility in Hackettstown. (999 Willow Grove Street)

Email to reserve your spot

**HUMANS ONLY / NO DOGS** Seminars are for your own education and learning without your dogs present.

Friday 10/9- Dog Reactivity and Fear Based Issues - (7-9 pm) $60

Extremely informative seminar on reactivity in dogs. The difference between true aggression and fear based behaviors. Understanding your dogs temperament and how you can be unintentionally contributing to the problem. How to properly and effectively correct these behaviors based on your dogs temperament and the situation, all dogs are different. There is no one way to train a dog.

Friday 10/23- All Things Puppy - (7-8:30 pm) $70

Just adopted or purchased a new puppy? Want to start them out on the right foot and have questions on how to do so?

We will address crating, housebreaking, mouthing, PROPER socialization, walking on the leash and shaping behaviors.

We have limited spots available in these seminars, if you or anyone you know are interested in these seminars make sure you share before they fill up. We will be continuing to do seminars for the next few months based on interest!

Happy training and hope to see you all soon!


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