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What's happening at Puppy-Wuppy During Lockdown

Most of you know me, and those that may not, My name is Lori Minardi..I’m the director at Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training here in Hackettstown.

We wanted to reach out to our students and provide you with a short update on the happening at Puppy-Wuppy.

Due to the way our business is filed, the types of services and training we provide, we are considered essential business.

We want you all to know that we are here for you for your training issues, concerns, and needs while maintaining CDC and Governor protocols

While many facilities are instituting virtual classrooms, online instruction, online testing, and video chatting, to help compensate for the loss of income, we have decided to shy away from that platform.

We are not a fan of webinars, tutorials, and online courses for our students. Most of the clients that come to us are used to hands on, personalized attention, and very specific training goals. That has been the backbone of our foundation business model at Puppy-Wuppy and will remain so.

We want all of you to know that we are here for you for your training issues, concerns, and needs within the guidelines of this pandemic.

Reach out to us if you are having training issues and we will provide you with options on the training available.

We are also offering “ask the trainer” as free of charge to all our students and prospects. Reach out to us with your questions, and we will return your email with some solutions.

We are here to help your canine . Email us at Lori, Kaitlyn, or myself will get back to you with some advice and suggestions.

We have Play…Stay…and Train with Drop off Service.

For those of you who are home schooling and the dog is interrupting class time;

For those who are working from home and your dog is providing some unwanted background noise for those conference calls

Or For those of you that may just have a canine that needs a little extra activity during the day while you are quarantined since the parks are now closed

Drop off service on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for Play…Stay…and Train. 9am to 1pm for $60 you can get your dog some exercise, some separation time,

some engagement time, and some training time.

That’s $15 an hour and it’s our way of helping our clients keep their dog mentally stimulated.

We all look for to the time when our lives return to a somewhat normal state. However, our dogs do not know why there is a change in routine, just that there is one. They are all happy we are home, giving them extra attention, walks, treats, and play time.

But when work resumes and we return to our daily routines, the dog needs to make the adjustment as well.

You may see behavior changes, separation anxiety, destructive behavior, housebreaking issues…do not stress, it is a transition for them, as it is for you. When you need help, reach out to us as our goal is building better relationships with your canines.

We appreciate the support our clients, students, k9’s and friends have shown us during this epidemic we are experiencing. Our clients have been awesome to us, our trainers, and our reviews.

Stay Safe, Be Careful, Train your dog with compassion but keep your training black and white and we will all come out of this only slightly beat up.


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