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Injun aka Ingo

March / April 2010: Injun aka Ingo

I have a mutual friend who contacted me who asked for help in placing this conformation retired stud dog, age 4, as the owner was getting overwhelmed in the kennel with other dogs. Injun was kennel dog by day and crate dog by night with very limited “family life”.

I was contacted by Dave and Christine who just recently lost Auggie, one of my very favorite rescues and super angel rescue people who thought that they could give Injun the love his was so lacking. So, with a little help from my friend Michelle, some coordination in transport, Injun became Ingo and is now with his new owners learning all about house behavior, toys, treats, manners, and affection. Aloof at first, but bonding very quickly, we believe Ingo will be a super family companion for many years to come.

May 2010 Update:

Ingo’s doing fine. Most of the time he’s a big lover (loves to be petted) and has become much more relaxed. He barks at appropriate times and loves to leap and bound in the backyard. He’s relatively calm in the house.

He’s walked regularly in the morning and evening. I think this has done a lot to acclamate him quickly. He stays on my schedule…. follows me everywhere, goes to bed when I do and wakes up about 10 minutes before I want to get out of bed. He seems healthy, happy, and adjusting to his new home.



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