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CGC Testing Time Nov. 14th, 2017


Canine Good Citizen Testing.....remember this is a requirement before you obtain your Therapy Dog Testing...(Not to be confused with Service Dog).

CGC Testing on Tuesday November 14th, 2017

Time 7pm

Location: Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training

4 Fox Hollow Way, Andover, NJ Testing Fee $30.00

CGC Practice…We will hold a CGC Practice on Tuesday November 7th at 6pm where you can run through the exercises, get advice from the trainer, have your dog visit the testing site, and train for your Canine Good Citizen.

Practice will be a group class for approximately 1 hr. and class fee of $25.00

You must RSVP your reservation for testing by Nov. 3rd and add if you would like to set up a practice as well.

Can your dog be a Canine Good Citizen?

AKC offers the title of CGC (Canine Good Citizen) to all dogs, purebred, mix, and crosses. If your dog is registered with AKC, the CGC can be added as a title abbreviation to their name. If your dog is not registered, you can still achieve the certificate of Canine Good Citizen from the AKC. The test entails….

  • Greets a friendly stranger.

  • Sits politely for petting.

  • Welcomes being groomed, brushed; allows paws and ears to be handled.

  • Walks as directed on a loose leash.

  • Moves politely through a crowd.

  • Sits, lies down and stays in place on command.

  • Comes when called.

  • Behaves politely around other dogs.

  • Reacts with confidence to distractions.

  • Can be left with a trusted person.

The CGC test is a requirement for owners and dogs interested in the animal therapy program.

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