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GSD Ohio Boy aka Tucker

Meet: GSD Ohio Boy a/k/a Tucker

I saw Tucker listed on the German Shepherd Web Board and he wasn’t receiving any attention from the various groups. His termination date was same day. I had a client who was looking for a large male GSD and we just recently had one fall through the cracks. I gave her a call, sent a picture, she was interested. I called the Shelter Manager, told him I would pull him and he was then SAFE. Found a rescue group that works with this Ohio Kill Shelter, who were able to assist with holding. Contacted an old friend of mine who does transports for a nominal fee, Gale from Recycled Treasures Transport Service, and she was able to bring him up in about a week.

Tucker has found his new home and per his update he is a beautiful boy, large, strong, and adjusting nicely to his new home. Very Social and has already visited his new owners coworkers’ at the office! We look forward to pictures shortly.



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