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New Class Offered

Introductory Pricing for this new class $200 / 5 weeks

Engagement - The Foundation to Training and Obedience


Designed for puppies but open to all age dogs and handlers who want to take a step back in their training and concentrate on better attention and engagement or revisit exercises taught .


5 dog/ handlers


Offering Tentative:

Saturday's 12pm with Lori starting 2/17

Offering Tentative:

Wednesday's at 8pm with Lori Starting 2/21


Week 1 - Food - Introduce reward, types of rewards, motivators, charging the reward, duration of reward

Week 2 - Marker - Reward Markers - making rewards important, touch, eye contact rewards

Week 3 - Trick - teaching body awareness for fun and engagement, place, feet, spin, sit, down, wobble

Week 4 - Toy - Proper play with your dog, building drive for toys, keep away exercises, building prey

Week 5 - Recalls - Name Game Exercises, Hide and Seek, Retrained Recalls, Recalls through distractions


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