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Clark aka Jersey

1 yr old Black German Shepherd rescued in December of 2003 with a lazy ear that came from Mississippi. The shelter was instructed to start gassing again, and since the shelter workers fell in love with Clark they hid him at a kennel until the “powers that be” found out and forced the shelter workers to either adopt him out or put him down. Well, needless to say, I had to save Clark so I agreed to take him on. Everyone who met Clark, including the Vet who got him ready for his flight to NJ loved him. The airline guys loved him too. Clark was placed with a family with small children but after a week, the smallest child and Clark did not bond and he was returned. After further evaluation, we decided to place Clark in a home in Tulsa, Ok. They have had previous Shepherd experience, and have a small dog, Pepe, who Clark loves to toy with daily. Clark has put on approximately 15 pounds, filled out to be a beautiful German Shepherd and is still enjoying his puppy hood.EndFragment

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