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Russell aka Muscle

This 4.5 year old Rottie was dropped off at Bergen County Animal Shelter – his owners moved to Florida and their Rottweiler was not included in their plans.

His name was Muscle, but the shelter staff felt Russell fit his personality better. Russell is an overwhelmingly happy dog. His entire demeanor just says, “love me, please”.

While at the shelter Russell is graduated from obedience class, and he can sit, stay, and heel. Obedience training taught Russell the self-control he needed. He no longer pulled you towards another dog. As he was coming back from the groomer’s, an unleashed Chihuahua came charging over towards Russell. He just sniffed the little dog and wagged his tail. The truth about Russell is he barks at other dogs and is eager to play, but has no aggressive tendencies.

Conversely is very good-natured – even with other dogs. With his schooling, he has learned to obey the command ‘Leave it’ and turn his attention towards his trainer and away from other dogs.

Russell found a new home with a couple who had recently lost their Rottweiler and loving the breed wanted another one. Our follow-up call found Russell to be adapting well to his new home and everyone is very happy.



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