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Update on our Working Dogs

Just an update on our working dogs.

Calais, although living with my mother, is still working on his agility titles and has aquired Agility titles in AKC Venue. He is now working on his NADAC Agility titles and points. He has learned to work distance and is really getting comfortable in his working venue.

Chaos is training agility with Margaret Reitmeyer and is striding in leaps and bounds….He made his agility debut in December in the NADAC Tunnelers class and took 1st place. We look forward to more placings in agility from Chaos in the future.

Quen is working with me along with the Pine Barrens Schutzhund Club to get ready for his BH in the Spring..and possibly SchHI thereafter. He is an awesome dog to work, showing great food drive, prey and super fast ball drive. He comes fast to the sleeve, hits hard, and is clear in the head. He is a great dog to have in our home.

Emma is enjoying semi-retirement with her job to watch over us.

Boreas is at the Rainbow Bridge. We let him go in May 2012 and it was a very hard decision to see my best friend leave. Please visit his page for our accolades to Bub Bub.

Thank you,

The Staff at Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training



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