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Why Train with Us?

Why Train with Us?

Here are some benefits to being part of the Puppy-Wuppy List of Clients

  • We offer small classes so that the client and dog have the opportunity work hands on with the instructor

  • We are filed with the State of NJ holding proper insurance and registration

  • All of our instructors are titled in multiple dog sports or have worked with puppy raising organizations

  • We offer multiple classes for your schedule

  • We work after hours for our clients by email, text, or attending their dog competitions and events

  • we have 6,500 indoor training facility that offers heat and a/c for inclement weather

  • we provide handouts to new clients offering a variety of articles on various training concepts, problems, and solutions

  • We often have contests, raffles, workshops, extra activities for our clients to participate in (pool use, photo shoots, discounts, awards and recognitions)

  • we provide certificates of completion at the end of semester to show your achievement with your dog

  • we award the "gold" client special awards and recognition for their hard work

  • we try to utilize the environment, location, and off site training to instill some real world experience to our clients

  • Our retention rate with our clients is 90%

  • Our accomplishments with our dogs and the reviews from our clients speak volumes on our dedication and honesty to our clients training goals.

  • We love what we do

There are many individuals out there that claim to be dog trainers. Did you know there is no formal accreditation for being a dog trainer? Then how do you choose the right trainer for your dog? Read on.....

  • Make sure they are registered with the State under a business and have proper licensing

  • Ask what credentials they have in training dogs other than their own

  • Understand the difference between balanced training and purely positive so called training

  • How many dogs/clients have they trained

  • Be mindful that it is not the distance you travel, but the knowledge you are there to obtain to train your dog

Some Photos of Our Clients that we had the privilege to train.


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